How to sell photos online


    How to earn by taking pictures? There are many ways to do it, however, the majority of them are “finite” – you take photos of an object, event or other, as the customer wishes, get one-time reimbursement, look for customers again.

    There is a simpler way – you take photos of whatever you like, load into the website (the so-called „microstock“), sell the photos online. That does not demand any investment, as the registration to the microstock for photographers is completely free of charge. You sell the same photos online many times, maybe even very many. Certainly, by saying “you take photos of whatever you like” I have behaved very optimistically. Still one must know – what is popular in microstock and before pressing the button of a camera, think - if the shot will be necessary for anyone.

    You think “why should anybody buy my photos?”. Let’s take one of the many cases: a designer when creating a website or another graphic work lacks illustration. Let’s say the website is on natural medicine and the designer thinks that the specific character of the site will be most perfectly emphasized by a photo in which a young smiling woman with a small child in her arms wades on a green lawn. It is not cheap to organize a photo-session of a woman with a child in the country-side by hiring a professional photographer, all the more there is no guarantee that the final product will satisfy the expectations. The designer simply connects to the microstock, chooses a composition suitable for him, pays for it from 1 to 20 dollars and at the same minute has the necessary product.

    You get one share of the money, the microstock gets another share. There are many spheres – from advertising agencies to news portals. Open "" web page – by every small article you will find a photo or drawing illustrating it. You can understand that the demand is gigantic and it is only in the initial stage of growth. Just try to sell your photos online!

How to sell photos