How Many Earnings Are Possible


    The more photos with orderly descriptions you will load – the more you will earn. Although one photo is not paid much for, due to their quantity and repeating selling of the same photo everything turns for the better. If one wishes to get tangible profit, one should load at least 50-80 photos. I advise to have much patience. Do not rush to load all the archives immediately.

    Experiment and watch which photos bring you most profit. Make a plan for you – to load 3-5 photos every day. In this way you will not load yourself with mechanical work and loose enthusiasm.

    I will not mention what can be the expectations on earning and how much I earn myself, as I myself have only started these activities. However, I see that that should be more a long-term investment, but not a strive to get very quick and big profit. You load in a microstock more and more photos – you grow selling, enlarge monthly profit.

    The photos “do not ask to eat”, and if this activity becomes boring – money will go on coming. If you are a lazybones, you will make maybe not big, but still money. While watching the albums of more popular users I have noticed that some of them have several hundred thousand selling. One can understand that they have earned quite a lot of money.

How many photos I can sell online