Uploading the Photos to Microstocks


    When your identity is confirmed you will get a message by e-mail encouraging to connect in your name of consumer to the microstock and load 3-10 of your best compositions. Load your compositions and if faces are seen in the photos “Model releases”.

    While loading the compositions you will be asked to select from the list to what category your photos belongs (architecture, nature, people, emotions, business…) Try to select specifically as on that the fact how many times the waiters will see your photo also depends. The loaded compositions are examined. That lasts from 1 to 10 days or even several weeks. If your compositions appear suitable – you get a message with congratulations that you have entered the microstock community and request to load your other compositions. The newly loaded compositions are also examined only much quicker than the first ones. Acceptable compositions which are suitable for microstock appear among your other compositions. The characters of loading and administration of microstock compositions differ to some extent, however, are essentially uniform – while connecting you see how many times your every photo has been examined, how many times it has been bought and similar.

    If the photos have been shot not by a reflex camera – most probably you will be disappointed. At least two most popular microstocks did not accept any of my photos shot by "Canon G9". Totally only two photos taken by this camera have been accepted to the microstocks, however, they also did not stir a bigger interest. 

    While loading the photo some other microstocks offer you bigger commission if the specific photos are sold only in their microstocks. I did not consent with this condition, as I think that by selling broader I have an opportunity to earn more. However, if you have other photos – behave in your way.

Upload photos to microstocks and sell online