My Attempts and Mistakes


    Before transferring photos in microstock it is necessary to read the requirements for quality and content. Only then to select photos for loading. Certainly I did not do it myself. All the loaded photos were mercilessly rejected. 

    The principal causes – noises in the photos, limited commercial use, exposition mistakes. By this attempt I understood that the so-called “arts” are really not necessary for microstocks at all.

    When editing photos by a computer for my own pleasure, I love extremities – to overdo contrast, “sharpness”, add more colours, to distort them and cancel everything, to turn the photo upside down or turn it in a strange angle. Although many professional photographers treat skeptically such corrections why shouldn’t I do that if I like that. Maybe in the future I will mature and I will get bored of this editing method or I will have to adapt to the wishes of the customer while correcting photos, however, till this process enhances pleasure, I do not intend to refuse it.

    My first attempt


    After the first unsuccessful attempt I had to read the recommendations of the microstocks carefully. I noticed that I have very few suitable photos in my archives. However, I selected from the “most suitable” the necessary quantity, corrected and loaded it. I tried to correct them minimally – only to cut the unnecessary details, even the lines, where it is necessary – to reduce the “noises”. Most of these photos were accepted to different microstocks. 

    However, in no way I offer to orientate to these photos, as they did not receive special popularity. Surely, I do not receive good results due to very small quantity of loaded photos as well, however, so far I am only experimenting, maybe in the future I will load more..

    My second attempt