Picking up, Structurization of Suitable Photos


    While picking up compositions do not avoid improvement by computer, especially if you are not a beginner in this sphere. If you are improving – try improving it in "raw" format, only then convert it in "jpg" (namely in "jpg" format you will be asked to load your compositions).

    While converting the photo in "jpg" format save it without any “compressing” (best quality). Inspect your compositions by enlarging them up to 100% size. Namely in that way your compositions in microstocks are examined. If “noises” or unnecessary objects (dust, matrix dirt or similar) correct it in the way that they would be eliminated. During correction do not overdo it, as naturalness is also evaluated positively.

    Create a structure of keeping compositions convenient for you. I would recommend to create a separate catalogue for the compositions which you wish to sell. You should number the compositions placed in it, write names in English, by every composition create a textual file for the description of the composition. Practically that can be realized in this way as well:










    In such structure you won’t get lost and later when replenishing the catalogue by new compositions you will always know which is the newest and will be able to easily place photos in the microstocks in the current order. In a textual file there should be three data about the photo: name, short description, keywords (minimally 10 keywords). The more exactly you describe the photo and the more correct keywords you choose – the bigger the probability that more waiters will see it.

    An example of a textual file describing the photo in which electric wires crossing a rye field in the background of blue sky are seen:

   Name :



   Short description :

        Electrical wires crossing rye field 


   Keywords :

        Electrification, sky, heaven, cloud, blue, green, rye, corn, pole, utility pole, electricity, Electra, space, field, village, country


    The keywords should be separated by commas and should describe the shot as more exactly as possible. Having the description of every photo with keywords, you will simply load information in all the microstocks by copying without wasting time for writing the text every time anew. Having this structure of data you will load all the information to the profitable microstocks found newly in the future without difficulty.

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