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    There are several ways to take the money you have earned. Two most popular are through bank cheques and „ PayPal“.

    A bank cheque comes to you by mail and you must take it to the bank to cash. That takes a lot of time and there are big clearing costs. To my mind, this method is irrational, so I will not discuss it.  About others acceptable methods I would suggest to consult with local bankers.

    „ PayPal“ method. Make a simple credit card and sign an agreement on internet banking if you have not got before. For me in my bank it cost 20 USD, they made it in two weeks. Create a „ PayPal“ account. This is done by filling out a relatively simple forms. Link your credit card with „ PayPal“ account. You will make it by writing the number of credit card in „PayPal“ administering column.

    When you enter the number, 2 USD will be deducted from your credit card however, they will remain in your „PayPal“ account and you will be able to return them later. Later you will have to open in internet banking the history of credit card payments to find there a combination of letters and numbers. Load these letters or numbers in the column of „ PayPal“ administering. Now your credit card account is linked with „PayPal“. „PayPal“ explains very simply where and what should be introduced – with graphic examples, exhaustive explanations. It is nearly impossible to make a mistake.

    „ PayPal" account is related with your e-mail, so I would recommend changing the password of e-mail access to a more complex one. Indicate in the microstock that you will use „ PayPal“ for settlement.

    The microstocks permit to transfer the money to your „ PayPal“ saccount when 50-100 USD is accumulated. The transfer takes place from the microstock administration column. Money falls from microstocks to „ PayPal“ rather quickly and without any payment.

    "Shutterstock" payment:

    Money falls from „ PayPal“ to credit card within 1-2 days for a symbolic payment. All that is left is to go to the bank machine.

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