Registration to Microstocks


    First of all scan or take a photo of your passport for confirmation of identity. ID card is possible, but I have heard several cases when still it was requested to send a copy of your passport. 

    Register at least in two most popular microstocks. During registration you will be asked to load a copy of your passport of high quality. A file of 200-300 Kb is completely sufficient. The inspection of identity takes place from several hours to a week.     After the confirmation of identity you will be asked 3-10 of your best compositions. While selecting your works I insistently offer to perform the following steps which will save you time and negative emotions in the case of failure :

    1.      Read the requirements of the microstocks for quality and content attentively. I liked the consistent presentation of "iStock" :

             "iStock" Education Material 

    2.      Intently look through once again – what the microstocks need :

            "iStock" Education Material

    3.      Only then pick up at least 10-15 in your opinion best suitable compositions


    If you have a lot of time and wish you can register in plenty of other microstocks. 

    That is completely free of charge. Well, certainly, except the time costs.

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